Welcome to 123 Mich Holding LLC!

Real Estate License Holding as Easy as 1-2-3!

All real estate salesperson licenses are governed by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  LARA requires that all real estate salesperson licenses be held by a Michigan licensed real estate broker, even if you do not plan to actively practice with your salesperson license.  So, if you do not currently plan to engage in the practice of real estate, but still want to keep your license active and generate some income from referrals, 123 Mich Holding LLC is your perfect employing broker!

Let 123 Mich Holding LLC hold your Michigan salesperson license!

  • FREE 6 hours of continuing education (including legal update)!*
  • Keep 75% of any referral business!
  • Only $75 annual fee!

We make transferring your salesperson license As Easy As 1-2-3!  You can’t go wrong with 123 Mich Holding LLC!

123 Mich Holding LLC is right for you if you want to keep your Michigan real estate salesperson license but:

  • You are tired of paying expensive local board and MLS dues, as well as desk fees, which add up to several hundred dollars each year
  • You want 6 hours of FREE continuing education each year (including 2 hours of legal update)*
  • You want to generate income from referrals
  • You want to pick the brokers to whom you refer buyers or sellers
  • You want the flexibility to immediately transfer to another brokerage when you decide to represent buyers and sellers again
 How It Works - It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

Just click on the "Sign Up/Renew" button and follow the simple steps!  Once you pay our annual fee of $75, you can download our License Holding Agreement, which you then simply sign and return to us (by scan/email, fax or mail).  If you are new to 123 Mich Holding LLC, we also provide simple instructions on how to transfer your license with the State (either online through iCOLA or with a form you fill out and mail in). (NOTE: If you are a returning/renewing referral agent, you do not need to transfer your license.)

And don’t forget that you get 6 hours of FREE real estate continuing education from www.1StopConEd.com each year we hold your Michigan real estate license!  What a savings!

* The 6 FREE hours of continuing education is provided by www.1StopConEd.com, and you are entitled to 6 FREE hours each year that 123 Mich Holding LLC holds your salesperson license.